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World premiere Nibiru by Daniele Venturi in Reims

14 March 2017 h.20:30
Reims (France)
La Villa Douce
9 Boulevard de la Paix,

Nibiru (2015) for marimba and electronics (world premiere)
Laurent Mariusse
Marimba and electronics


The concert
Marimba and electronics
Everything started from “Secret Dialogues”, commissioned for marimba solo passed to James Wood by a consortium of marimbists including Laurent Mariusse.
Around this project linking compositions of birds and constellations, a series of other commissions for marimba and electronics was passed to three associate composers: Daniel D’Adamo,
Laurent Durupt and Laurent Mariusse.

For this first evening around the marimba, Tuesday, March 14th, Laurent Mariusse offers us these pieces that were created on June 29th 2016 at the 104th of Paris as part of the festival “ManiFeste”.

On this occasion we will also discover the creation “Nibiru”, piece by Daniele Venturi written especially for him.

This evening is imagined as a unique work whose different pieces are considered as paintings, put in relation by moments of improvisation.

Laurent Mariusse, marimba (percussions)

Daniele Venturi Composer