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Great success for the report “The choral experience in Italy” by Daniele Venturi in Trentino

Trentino Choir Federation: past, present and perspectives
Make the point to look to the future

Conference Hall of the Fondazione Caritro Trento
November 18, 2018 9:30 am

Giorgio Cogoli
“Recognizing the roots. The first decades of the Federation as the foundation for the development of the Trentino choral movement “;

Mauro Cristelli
“As a young director sees the current Federation and how it imagines and hopes to become in the future”;

Adriano Dalpez
“The popular song in the Trentino choirs”;

Claudio Martinelli
“Trentino Cori Federation and Institutions”;

Massimiliano Rizzoli
“Trentino Cori Federation and Institute of Higher Education of the Province: a necessary relationship to be built”;

Daniele Venturi
“The choral experience in Italy”.

Angelo Foletto

Daniele Venturi Composer