Coro Gaudium Dieci anni insieme
Daniele Venturi, Director

Year of publication 2003

Recordings and assembly by Daniele Venturi,

Mixing and Editing by Massimo Carpani and Daniele Venturi,

Cover Design by Bianca Brasa,

Mastering and production by Maxmusic 101/2003.



Compositions and players:

1-4. Quattro lembi di cielo (2003-2005)
for solo violin [13’03”]
Raffaello Negri, violin,

5. Preludio all’infinito silenzio (2007-2008)
for flute and harpsichord [6’11”]
Duo Novecembalo, Chiara Agosti, flute, Diadorim Saviola, harpsichord,

6. Planto (2006)
for solo cello [4’15”]
Nicola Baroni, cello,

7. Charanam (2007)
for solo harpsichord [3’35”]
Fabiana Ciampi, harpsichord,

8. Agnus Dei I (2005)
for soprano, violin and cello [4’55”]
Barbara Vignudelli, soprano, Antonella Guasti, violin, Nicola Baroni, cello,

9. Bagliori (2005)
for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon [2’23”]
Monica Moroni, flute, Enrico Calcagni, oboe, Paolo Panigari, clarinet, Alessio Pisani, bassoon,

10. Trois très triste (2007)
for solo flute [7’45”]
Francesca Salvemini, flute,

11. Angeli che avete bisogno del suono (2007)
for countertenor and harp [5’13”] (Tribute to Alda Merini)
Alessandro Carmignani, countertenor, Paola Perrucci, harp,

12. Transfigurations (2008)
for solo organ [7’42”]
Fausto Caporali, organ

13. Il mare è tutto azzurro (2007)
for vocal octet [2’47”] (Tribute to Sandro Penna)
Vocal Ensemble Arsarmonica, Daniele Venturi, director,

14. Lai (2007)
for accordion duo [7’41”]
Duo Dissonance, Roberto Caberlotto and Gilberto Meneghin, accordions,

15. Tratti sospesi (2007-2008)
for solo harp [13’32”]
Paola Perrucci, harp.

Recordings from February 2007 to February 2009

Year of publication 2009

Technical staff and production:

Production: Association Arsarmonica,

Organization and production: Fabiana Ciampi,

Graphics and cover image: Ernesto Angelo Ubertiello,

Photo: Riccardo Franchetti,

Recordings and assembling: Daniele Venturi

Mixing audio: Riccardo Nanni and Daniele Venturi,

Editing audio: Riccardo Nanni,

Mastering and editing made in the study

Parametri Musicali by Giancarlo Di Maria (Bologna – Emilia Romagna – Italy).

Record Company:


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Le nuove Musiche
Brilliant classics

Mintaka (2015) per organ by Daniele Venturi
has been included in the cd “Le nuove Musiche”,
Luca Scandali, organ
published by Brilliant Classics out on 19 January 2018.

This new recording presents an anthology of organ compositions written in Europe during the last 70 years.
From a stylistic point of view the new organ installed at the Parish Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Pinerolo is suitable for a variety of works: some of a derivative nature (homages to existing styles and musical languages or composers), others completely in line with the experimental nature of new music.
Included are organ works by Ligeti (from his famous Musica Ricercata), Matter, Peretti, Pärt, Essl, Fitkin, Danksagm¸ller, Bofill Levi, Venturi, Foccroulle, Eben: a wide spectrum of unheard sounds, sonorities, harmonies and rhythms, testing the possibilities of the DellíOrto e Lanzini organ to the extreme!
Luca Scandali is one of the foremost organists of Italy, having studied with Koopman, Marcon, Tagliavini and Tamminga. He recorded for Brilliant several CDís, with works by a.o. Galuppi, Pasquini, C.P.E. Bach.
The specifications of the organ as well as extensive liner notes are included in the booklet.
Full organ audio recordings for each track available at
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