Puer Natus (2005)

for voices and instrumental ensemble
[Printed score]
duration: 4’25”

In Paradisum (2007)

for soprano flute, oboe, accordion, harpsichord and mixed choir
[Printed score]
duration: 8’20”

Angeli il vostro occhio è cieco e vede tutto (2007-2009)

for narrator, quintet instrumental and mixed choir
poetic text taken from the collection “La carne degli angeli” by Alda Merini
duration: 6’25”

Frammenti (2009)

for soprano and three harps
poetic text by Sabina Guidotti
[Printed score]
duration: 9’10”

Lengas dai frus di sera (2010)

(second version) for soprano, flute, oboe, viola, cello, harpsichord and harp
poetic text taken from the “Liriche friulane” by Pier Paolo Pasolini
[Printed score]
duration: 7’50”

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