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New practical method of functional exercises for choir

208 excercises for choir
in three volumes

General structure of the method:

First level
a) Vocal and preparatory exercises;

Second level
b) Sung reading exercises at different tempos;

Third level
c) Polyphonic sight reading exercises;

Fourth level
d) Functional exercises for choir;

Year of publication 2015

Graphic design, layout and Art Direction:
Lauro Taormina,

Isuku Verlag,

Editorial Director:
Gabriel Isuku.

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New Practical Method for the making of the modern musician

October 2016

New Practical Method for the making of the modern musician 
by Daniele Venturi

New method of ear training
based on progressive exercises
Isuku Verlag

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July 2020

Daniele Venturi
Raccolta di Bassi
25 Bassi for the study of harmony
for students and music teachers use (2000-2020)
Isuku Verlag

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