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New release book IL RESPIRO DEL SUONO, Zecchini Publisher, 2021

Edited by Renzo Cresti
THE BREATH OF SOUND. Reflections on Daniele Venturi’s compositional writing and musical poetics
Fifty interviews with fifty performers of his music

The present work contains three levels of investigation, that is the conceptual, artistic and artisan work by Daniele Venturi, the deciphering of his musical notation and his close relationship with performers.
To do this, fifty interviews with fifty performers of his music were collected.
Thanks to a constant, direct discussion with the composer, I have analyzed a series of compositions belonging to various compositional phases.
The investigation is especially focused on the Emilian composer’s musical poetics, an artist particularly engaged in research and musical experimentation.
Finally, the study intends to keep as a key topic the relationship between Venturi’s profound spirituality and his music, in which mysticism, lyricism and an intense artistic and artisan work on sound merge in close symbiosis [Renzo Cresti].

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